Tuesday, 16 July 2013

26. 200m

Event: 200m
Date: 11th July 2013
Location: Basildon Sports Park 
Cost: Free
Rules:  Runners race for 100m around a bend and 100m down the home straight. They start from blocks and run in lanes. The second half of a 200m race is often quicker than the first half, as athletes approach the final 100m at full speed. A reaction time of less than 0.1 is deemed a false start and runners will be recalled, with the responsible athlete disqualified. A runner can also be disqualified if they step out of their designated lane. Women have raced the distance in every Olympics since 1948.  

The Event: 

Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: 21.88, Allyson Felix, USA.
Sarah: 54.46
Ellie: 1.43.36


Sarah: This one was hard! It's a really strange distance; not long enough to have to pace yourself, but a bit too long to go flat-out the whole way. I tried to keep my pace the whole distance, but was much slower than double my 100m time. It was really addictive though, I kept thinking at the end of each run that there must have been somewhere where I could have knocked off a few more tenths of a second.    
Ellie: I hate running. That is all.


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