Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bonus Event #3 - Golf

Event: Golf
Date: 13th November 2015
Location: Playgolf, Colchester
Cost: £6 per 100 balls
Rules: When using the driving range you should hit the balls as far as you can. Hit the targets, flags and trampolines for extra kudos. In Rio 2016, the Golfing tournament will see 60 players competing in a 72-hole stroke play format competition (whatever that means!).


Results: Golf will return to the Olympics in 2016; the first time since 1904. Watch this space!

Sarah: Well, if I discovered one thing this weekend, it's that I'm not a natural golfer. There's always the possibility with a new sport that you will discover your hidden talent and natural gift, but that definitely didn't happen on this occasion. We were meant to be in Jersey this weekend ticking one of our more tricky Olympic events off the list, but disappointingly the trip had to be postponed due to ferry cancellations. We took the opportunity to complete a couple of bonus events; because why stop at 114?! Ok, this wasn't a proper game of golf, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have let me on the green anyway. Out of 50 balls I probably had 10 satisfying hits, and many many mis-hits. 

Ellie: The whole golfing experience was pretty cool; the Playgolf centre is really tucked away and it's lavish! A lovely restaurant, spas, 18 hole course and the bank of driving range bays which have mechanical tees and heat lamps. We were really upset not to be able to go to Jersey but this was an experience we probably wouldn't have had otherwise and I really enjoyed it. I was able to hit some of the balls pretty high in the air which was very satisfying but I'm feeling the pain today... I have been inflicted with golfers side strain... ouch! 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

85. Rowing - Double Skulls

Event: Rowing - Double Skulls
Date: 24th October 2015
Location: Sudbury Rowing Club
Cost: No charge.
Rules: Women's rowing events were first included in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Races are held on rivers, canals or lakes over a distance on 2,000 metres. Races start under the supervision of an aligner and a starter, with umpires positioned along the course and at the finish line. The Double Skulls sees two rowers in the boat with two oars each.

The Event:

London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal: Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins, Great Britain.

Sarah: After our dunking in the River Chelmer last year during a canoe lesson, I've been pretty keen not to go for any more river swims. We had just one more rowing event to get through without falling in the River Stour. I was feeling fairly confident about it, until it was revealed we'd be going out in the boat together. No! We were sure to fall in! We gingerly made our way out on to the water and slowly found our river-legs. We took it in turns rowing whilst the other sat the boat to keep it steady, and eventually plucked up the courage to take some strokes together. One thing I've learnt about rowing is that you have to power through the wobbles; keep on taking strokes and finding the rhythm, ignoring the fear of falling in. We didn't quite manage that; for every wobble we screamed, laughed and sat the boat as quickly as possible. There's no way we'd have been able to even attempt it in our first lesson though, so it was great seeing how far we'd come. Towards the end of the session, the rain started pouring down, giving us a strangely peaceful farewell on the completely still water.

Ellie: This was the ultimate test, the final rowing session and we were going out ON OUR OWN! Sarah did an incredible job of steering us out into the open water and keeping us level and it was a really relaxing row once we'd settled in. The weather did get a little wet but it was strangely pleasant. Massive thanks to everyone at the Sudbury Rowing Club who have allowed us to be part of their summer and made sure we didn't fall in the water more than was necessary!