About Us

I think it would be fair to say that neither of us are the most natural of sports women, but we certainly like a challenge. 

Much like the rest of the country, we were gripped by Olympic fever during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, and were left feeling more than a little deflated when they finished.
And so a plan was hatched. Why don't we have a go at every women's Olympic event before Rio starts in 2016? That gives us four years to complete 114 events. That's only 28.5 events a year. Easy.

We have taken part in All The Lidos 2012 and 2013 (two of the four participants). A couple of years ago, Ellie had the stupid idea that we should swim in as many lidos as possible in one day, and it's now become an annual event. We seem to pick days with freakishly bad weather.

In 2012, Ellie swam 871 lengths over 8 weeks; to coincide with a friend walking 871 miles round the coast of Wales. She swam in a variety of pools and lidos to complete her challenge, and developed quite a thing for the smell of chlorine - Read about it here!.

Sarah is a reluctant runner, and has competed in a number of races. By far the hardest was the Blenheim Palace Half Marathon in 2011; ran in 27 degree heat. She is currently training for a series of half marathons, with the aim of completing a full marathon in 2014.

Our hope for the Olympics Challenge is that we have fun, meet some interesting people and try our hand at some sports we would probably never otherwise try. We may just discover a new sport that we love along the way.

We do get a medal at the end of it all, right?

If you'd like to contact us with tips, advice or encouragement then you can email us: sarahandelliedotheolympics@gmail.com or tweet us @114OlympicGames

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  1. What an awesome idea. Keep up the great work, ladies!