Saturday, 6 August 2016

110. Track Cycling - Omnium

Event: Track Cycling - Omnium 
Date: 17th July 2016 
Location: Preston Park Velodrome 
Cost: £70.00 each for the session (five events)  
Rules: The Omnium consists of six events with a points-based placing system. It's usually held over two days. The events are:
1. Flying Lap: individual time trial over 250m with a 'flying start'.
2. Points Race: 20K points race with scoring for intermediate sprints and for lapping the pack. 
3. Elimination Race: the last rider over the start-line every two laps is eliminated until one remains. 
4. Individual Pursuit: ridden over 3K.
5. Scratch Race: over 10K, all riders compete to be the first over the line. 
6. Time Trial: over 500m, two riders start on opposite sides of the track, and ride at once.

The Event:
Flying Lap

Points Race

Time Trial

Elimination Race

Individual Pursuit

Scratch Race

Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: Laura Trott, Great Britain. 

Sarah: We left the small matter of the Omnium to last; an event that in itself has six sub-events. By this point in the day,we were pretty knackered, but we dug in and I really enjoyed this intense event! My favourites were probably the Flying Lap and Elimination Race. By the time we got to the Scratch Race, my legs were getting so tired and I had to force myself to keep pushing as much as possible. What an amazing day we had on the track! I bloody love cycling, and the whole day was so much fun. It really gave us insight into the skill and tactics involved in all these event, and I can't wait to watch the track cycling in Rio, understanding a little bit more about what's going on! 
Ellie: Although, not my favourite events I've really enjoyed today. Getting all of our friends together and doing something out of the ordinary is really lovely and I'll remember it for a long time. It also reminded me of when Sarah and I went to Amsterdam at the very beginning of our challenge and spent a day cycling around the parks and talking about the 4 years to come... it's gone so quickly! 

A massive thank you to Carl, Clare, Claire, Greg and Laura for all their help, patience and stamina today. We genuinely couldn't have done it without you. 


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