Tuesday, 30 September 2014

63. Archery - Team

Event: Archery - Team 
Date: 28th September 2014
Location: Colchester and District Archery Club
Cost: Free (thank you!)
Rules: Olympic archers shoot at a target measuring just 122cm from a distance of 70m. The target has ten circles; the largest outer ring is worth one point, with the score increasing by one point per ring as it gets closer to the centre. The gold (centre circle) is worth 10 points. Each competition has two rounds; the initial ranking round and the second Olympic round. The Olympic round is a head-to-head elimination round. Each team shoots 24 arrows; 8 arrows per archer, and the team with the highest score wins. In a match, each archer shoots two arrows each, with team members alternating to take their shot, with a time limit of 20 seconds per arrow. If the score is tied after 24 arrows, each team will shoot three arrows (one per archer) and the highest scoring team wins.

The Event:


Set 1: S 115  v  E 135
Set 2: S 133  v  E 144
Set 3: S 129  v  E 116
Winner: Ellie's Team: 2 v 1

London 2012 Olympic Winner: South Korea.   

Sarah: Our last archery event, and we couldn't have hoped for a sunnier day. We had a brief re-introduction to the bows and shooting stance, before shooting a few arrows to make sure our sights were properly aligned. It was great to have a chance to use the sights, and I found it was a much more effective way of bunching my shots on the target.  I definitely preferred the team event to the individual; working together in opposition to the other team, whilst against the clock made it feel much more fast-paced and somehow more competitive. I think we both progressed within the couple of hours we were at the club. There is a lot to remember when preparing the shot, and I found - unsurprisingly - when I did manage to focus on everything at once, my arrows were much more on target.     

Ellie: Returning to Archery on such a beautiful day was a real treat. We got to experience archery on a different level this time round as we were moved on to shooting using sights which changes the dynamics slightly. Once again, I really enjoyed archery. I find setting up the shot, getting in to the right position and aiming really therapeutic. The team format has time constraints which add pressure to each archer and if you drop an arrow or have to restart your set-up it can really effect your other teammates. It was great to watch people using advanced bows and shooting at longer distances at close quarters too.

Thanks to everyone at Colchester and District Archery Club for making us feel so welcome and all your time helping us with the team event! We'll never call it a bulls-eye again, honest! The club run lots of taster days and beginner courses, so drop them a line if you'd like to give archery a shot (!) www.colchesterarchery.org.uk