Saturday, 27 August 2016

114. Steeplechase

Event: Steeplechase  
Date: 21st August 2016 
Location: Colchester Harriers Athletics Club
Cost: Free 
Rules:  The Steeplechase is an obsticle race around a running track over a distance of 3000m and gets it's name from the horse racing event. In the women's competition, five hurdles 30 inches high are placed around the track. One hurdle is located in front of a water jump through which athletes travel. The hurdles are much sturdier than normal hurdles and don't fall over if hit. Athletes can use the hurdles to step on to help jumping over. Over the course of a race. athletes tackle 28 hurdles and seven water jumps. The winner is the fastest competitor over the line. 

The Event: 

Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: 9:08.37 (3000m), Habiba Ghribi, Tunisia. 
Sarah: 10:47.23 (1500m) 
Ellie: 17:24.10 (1500m) 

Sarah: Somehow, after four years and 113 events, we found ourselves on the date of our deadline, and up at the track for our final event! In true 114 Olympic Games style, things didn't go smoothly; despite our coach Chris' best intentions, someone drained the water out of the water jump, so we were left with a deep, slippery slope to drop in to and climb up! We ran our Steeplechase over half the Olympic distance, and it was a really enjoyable event to go out on! We were helped round by two of the Harriers, and it was fun clambering over the solid hurdles and into the water drop. We had friends and family there to cheer us on, and it was a really fun way to end our Challenge!  
Ellie: OUR LAST EVENT! This is such an odd feeling, to be writing up our last event. It feels so unreal! I'm really glad to be with the Harriers for this as we've been working with them for a great deal of the athletics during our challenge. The steeplechase is a real test of endurance involving a 3000m race, hurdles (that are really solid and would be very sore to mistime) and water (very slippy surface even without the proper water levels!). It was so nice to have some guidance from Eliza and Luke today and to have our long-term coach, Chris, there too. We also had friends at the track to cheer us on, which was lovely. So what now? A new challenge? Well, in the short term, we're off to the pub!

Huge thanks to Chris and the Harriers for all the help and support they've given us during the Challenge!  

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  1. Congratulations from Texas! Our group is still plodding along, but getting close. Having been through about 100 events at this point, we are all so amazed as to how much effort you two have put into this. With the exception of gymnastics, we've made all of these events a one-time thing - no real training. We are hoping to wrap up some time in the spring. THANK YOU for giving us this great idea - we've had a blast so far!!!