Saturday, 6 August 2016

106. Track Cycling - Team Sprint

Event: Track Cycling - Team Sprint 
Date: 17th July 2016 
Location: Preston Park Velodrome 
Cost: £70.00 each for the session (five events)  
Rules: There are two cyclists on a team, and each team starts on different sides of the track. Each member of the team must lead for one lap, but you cannot overtake your teammate before the line. The event is raced over two laps. The competition is held in heats with the fastest teams progressing to the final. 

The Event:

Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: 0.32.978 seconds - Kristina Vogel & Miriam Welte, Germany.
Sarah & Greg: 1.20.20
Ellie & Laura: 2.03.04

Sarah: After our taster session in Manchester velodrome a couple of years ago, we have been trying to arrange the track cycling events. As there are only a few velodromes in the country, let alone in the East, we found it very tricky. We were unable to get any affordable options at the indoor velodromes, so we set our sights on the outdoor tracks, and luckily Preston Park was a winner. We roped in some friends and spent a sunny Sunday afternoon racing round in circles. Our first event was the team sprint. Greg and I decided to take the first half of the race at a comfortable speed then ramp up the pace for the finish. It was really fun zooming around with the only focus to go as fast as possible!  
Ellie: Not owning my own road/track bike has put me at a little disadvantage on this event. The lovely people at Cycle Brighton kitted me out with a functioning bike but it was very heavy and I didn't really understand the gears! This actually led to some really nice support and advice from fellow riders and soon I was racing about, adjusting the gears like there was no tomorrow. This was a flat out start to our velodrome day with 2 laps to be completed as quickly as possible between 2 riders. It was a great event to kick off with!

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