Monday, 8 July 2013

21. 200m Breaststroke

Event: 200m Breaststroke
Date: 2nd July 2013
Location: Brockwell Lido
Cost: £5.75 each
Rules:  At the start of the race, swimmers dive in to the pool and when they break the surface, both arms move simultaneously forward, outward and behind whilst the legs do a frog-like kick. They complete touch-turns at the end of each length. At each turn, and at the end of the race, both hands must simultaneously touch the end of the pool, above or below water level. 

The Event: 

Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: 2.19.59, Rebecca Soni, USA.
Sarah: 6.32.10
Ellie: 7.53.18


Sarah: I found this stroke the hardest during our training lessons with Colchester Academy. Our coach Denise said that it is really hard to un-learn how to do things; and I found that to be really true of breaststroke. I had picked up bad habits with my legs, and had to really concentrate on getting them in to the correct frog position and turning my feet outwards to kick through the water. One awful week she made me do a length just using my legs and I hardly moved! Luckily things have got better with practice and on the day, I really enjoyed the 200m distance. Like the backstroke, I found that it gave me time to get in to a nice rhythm and settle in to my pace. 
Ellie: Brockwell Lido is cold. My body is starting to feel mental by the time we attempt the 200m Breaststroke, but that may be the adrenalin.... Out of all the strokes I probably like breaststroke the most and the least. I like it because there is a regular and obvious place to breath and I dislike it because I find it terribly difficult to control my legs into the frog-like positions. A combination of Girls Aloud and knowing I could eat flapjack when I finish got me through this one but I must admit to being disappointed with my time...fingers crossed for some warmer water for our next swim; maybe that will help!

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