Monday, 15 July 2013

23. 100m Breaststroke

Event: 100m Breaststroke
Date: 11th July 2013
Location: Basildon Sports Park 
Cost: Free
Rules:  At the start of the race, swimmers dive in to the pool and when they break the surface, both arms move simultaneously forward, outward and behind whilst the legs do a frog-like kick. They complete touch-turns at the end of the length. At each turn, and at the end of the race, both hands must simultaneously touch the end of the pool, above or below water level. 

The Event:  


Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: 1.05.47, Ruta Meilutyte, Lithuania.
Sarah: 3.19.75
Ellie: 3.44.34


Sarah: I enjoyed this one, though I think I prefer the 200m to really get stuck in to the stroke. I do miss the tumble-turns in the breaststroke events though, as they're the highlight of each length. The children in the lanes next to us having pre-school swimming lessons did put us to shame with their early morning drills.        
Ellie: That's it; that's Breaststroke out of the way until we swim the medley. I found this 100m quite cumbersome and I really felt unable to get in any rhythm. Again it struck me how isolating swimming can be and actually found myself thinking about the really long distances while swimming this event - which probably didn't help my speed. Our thoughts now turn to the longer events which will, I imagine, be very mentally taxing....and then we get to learn Butterfly...!

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