Tuesday, 16 July 2013

25. 100m

Event: 100m
Date: 11th July 2013
Location: Basildon Sports Park 
Cost: Free
Rules:  Runners race for 100m down the home straight of a 400m track. They start from blocks and run in lanes. Sprinters typically reach their peak speed between 50m and 60m. A reaction time of less than 0.1 is deemed a false start and runners will be recalled and the responsible athlete disqualified. 

The Event: 


Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: 10.75, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Jamaica.
Sarah: 22.65
Ellie: 29.75


Sarah: In my running training, I tend to skip over the speed training days, (alongside the hill training days), so I can't remember the last time I really ran flat out. You sprint around all the time when you're a child.. why do we stop doing that? It feels great to be going absolutely as fast as you possibly can. I had to really push at the 80m/90m mark as my legs were starting to get tired and I could feel myself slowing down a bit. It wasn't quite as 'blink and you miss it' as the pros, but it was really fun to try and maintain the same speed over the whole distance.              

Ellie: When I was about eight I wanted to be a sprinter. For about 10 minutes. Somehow I'd won a race against my best friend and her older brother...I must have false started or tripped them or something...but for those few glorious minutes I was going to be the next Linford Christie. Unfortunately, the rematch proved my prowess was a fluke and I returned to dreams of a career as a sword swallower or fighter pilot. Today's race rekindled that dream a little bit - I mean I'm only 20ish seconds off Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's time!  


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