Tuesday, 24 June 2014

56. Canoe Sprint - Women's Kayak Two (K2) 500m

Event: Canoe Sprint - Women's Kayak Two (K2) 500m
Date: 19th June 2014
Location: Chelmsford Canoe Club
Cost: £20 Joining fee; £7.50 per session
Rules: Canoe sprints are head-to-head races held on still water. The K2 is held over a distance of 500m with two people in the kayak. Athletes stroke the paddles on alternate sides of the boat to go in a straight line, and follow the stroke of the athlete in the front position.

The Event:

London 2012 Olympic Gold: 1:42.21, Germany.  
Sarah's Boat: 3:27.12
Ellie's Boat: 4:20.16
Sarah: We had attempted the K2 in our first lesson a couple of weeks ago, and it felt really good returning to the boat. It's much easier having someone else do the steering! It's so helpful focusing on the strokes of the person in front, and I found that as I was concentrating on matching Judy's speed and rhythm, the rest of me relaxed in the boat so I was much less wobbly. We picked up pace at the end of the race, and I could really feel it in my arms, but it was brilliant to be paddling along so quickly. I've absolutely loved our time with Chelmsford Canoe Club, and would encourage anyone to give kayaking a go. It's one of my favourites so far, and I'll definitely be returning to the water. It's not even that bad when you fall in!

Ellie: The wider boat meant that I felt much less likely to capsize so this was an enjoyable end to the morning and our kayaking sprint experience. It was still very frustrating to be zigzagging up and down the river but this was much less the case with Mo helping and it was nice to be able to laugh and chat with someone whilst paddling along. We've been made to feel very welcome with Chelmsford Canoe Club. It's a lovely environment to learn the essentials and we've even had a sneaky practice in the slalom kayaks!

A huge thank-you to Mo, and everyone else, who has made us feel so welcome at Chelmsford Canoe Club! Thanks also to Mo, Sam, Jo and Judy for helping us out with the events, and risking us capsizing you! We'd really recommend everyone give kayaking a try, and can't think of a better club to learn with! They even have tea and cake at the end of each lesson! http://www.chelmsfordcanoeclub.co.uk/

Trying out the Slalom kayaks:


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