Tuesday, 24 June 2014

54. Canoe Sprint - Women's Kayak Single (K1) 200m

Event: Canoe Sprint - Women's Kayak Single (K1) 200m
Date: 18th June 2014
Location: Chelmsford Canoe Club
Cost: £20 Joining fee; £7.50 per session
Rules: Canoe sprints are head-to-head races held on still water. The K1 200m is held over a distance of 200m with one athlete in the kayak. Athletes stroke the paddles on alternate sides of the boat to go in a straight line, and sprint to the finish line.

The Event:


London 2012 Olympic Gold: 0:44.63, Lisa Carrington, New Zealand.
Sarah: 1:50.36
Ellie: 2:05.32
Sarah: This one was a short and sweet dash to the finish line! It took me a while to find my sea legs and get used to the wobble of my boat. I was advised to relax into it, and after doing so, it did all seem to stabilise. I think my own tense legs were causing most of the shaking. Despite having a rudder, I found it quite tricky to keep my boat in a straight line, so it wasn't the most direct route to the finish, but was loads of fun.  

Ellie: Our first attempt at the 200m saw me using mega-tactics and veering across Sarah's path... well, I'd like to say this was a tactic but it really wasn't I just found it very hard to control the boat today. An early dip in the river Chelmer meant that I lost all confidence in handling the slim, speedy boats and I changed down to a trusty pink number. I think my facial expression speaks volumes - how on earth do the Olympic athletes keep these boats in a straight line without tipping themselves out every 50 metres? 

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