Tuesday, 24 June 2014

55. Canoe Sprint - Women's Kayak Single (K1) 500m

Event: Canoe Sprint - Women's Kayak Single (K1) 500m
Date: 19th June 2014
Location: Chelmsford Canoe Club
Cost: £20 Joining fee; £7.50 per session
Rules: Canoe sprints are head-to-head races held on still water. The K1 500m is held over a distance of 500m with one athlete in the kayak. Athletes stroke the paddles on alternate sides of the boat to go in a straight line, and sprint to the finish.

The Event:

London 2012 Olympic Gold: 1:51.45 Danuta Kozak, Hungary.  
Sarah: 4:20.11
Ellie: 5:05.08  
Sarah: The 500m race distance, along with the curved river, gave me a bit more opportunity to try and figure out how to use my rudder effectively. I think I just about got to grips with the balance for a more direct route on the water, rather than constantly weaving from side to side. I really enjoyed the longer distance; there was time to gain more speed, and the feeling when you're gliding through the water at pace is incredible.  

Ellie: 500m is a very long way. It is super frustrating to want to go directly down the river but to swing off to the banks - think wonky shopping trolley. Once you get in a rhythm though it can be very satisfying as you sit so low in the boat and in the water that you get a real sense of momentum and movement. I think a leisurely boat out to a beach or island and then a lovely picnic must feel very relaxing. One thing I will mention is at the end point of the 500m race there is a beautiful rose bush on the river side and it smells beautiful. The dunkings are worth it just to smell the roses and it's these little things that make the events memorable. 

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