Wednesday, 20 November 2013

37. Hockey

Event: Hockey
Date: 16th November 2013
Location: University of Essex
Cost: Free
Rules:  Hockey is a fast-paced team sport, with attackers, midfielders, defenders and a goalkeeper on each team. In a match, two teams of 11 players play for two 35 minute halves with ten minutes for half time. It is essential for players to control, pass, push, stop and hit the ball. Athletes can only play the ball with the flat face or edge of the stick and are not allowed to use their feet or any part of their body.

The Event:
University of Essex 1 - 0 Basildon

London 2012 Winners: Netherlands.

Sarah: We both felt pretty nervous before the match as it was an actual league game and we'd only been to one practice lesson a few weeks ago. My only other experience of hockey was at the start of secondary school, and the memories of mud-splattered, blotchy legs and numb hands weren't happy ones. Hockey was my Mum's sport when she was younger; she played on the Saxmundham mixed team, and was full of stories of how rough it was. After years of playing netball, I always thought I was an attack player, so I was a bit disappointed when I was put in Right Defence, but it actually felt a much better position for me to be playing. I really enjoyed getting stuck in to steal the ball back from the opponent, and try to get it forward for the team. There were a couple of tense moments around our goal, but we managed to keep the other team at bay and it felt amazing when we went 1-0 up!  Hockey has shot right up there to take the top spot as my favourite sport so far, and I'll definitely be looking to join a club once our Challenge is over.

Ellie: Today we played for the University of Essex Second team - and WON! The Seconds have trouble fielding a full team and this is the first win for them this season. Although the team were glad we were there to make up the numbers, the pressure I felt was enormous. This was an actual league match. Thankfully I'd been put in a position, top right (more traditionally known as Right Wing), that had little to do. That being said, I think I made one genuine contribution and the match was a really great education. From my position I was able to chat to the opposition (I was trying to mess with them psychologically!) and gain a good understanding of what the game is all about. I felt really encouraged that I wasn't ruining the teams chances and was so happy when we scored!

Sarah: The other team had a brilliant mascot!: 

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