Monday, 18 November 2013

36. Artistic Gymnastics - Uneven Bars

Event: Artistic Gymnastics - Uneven Bars
Date: 15th November 2013
Location: Colchester School of Gymnastics
Cost: Free
Rules:  The maximum width allowed between the bars is 180cm. Swinging and continuous movements are required on this apparatus, with the athlete moving between the bars. The routine should include movements in both directions, above and below the bars. Twists and somersaults with multi-grip changes and high flight should be demonstrated to maximise scores. The exercise usually ends with an impressive dismount.

The Event:
London 2012 Winner: Aliya Mustafina, Russia.

Sarah: This was my worst event of the night, it definitely doesn't lend itself to having awful upper-body strength! The bars are much further apart than I'd been expecting; I can't imagine throwing myself between them. I managed a few swings on the tall bar, some non-too graceful dismounts and an aborted attempt at a somersault on the lower bar. I was a bit distracted by the huge foam pit next to the bars, and much preferred playing practicing in that.  

Ellie: This was far and away my favourite of the three events that we've tried this evening; it was gleeful! It is a lot like being on a swing only you have to do all the work and once I got the momentum it became really enjoyable. I was really happy to be able to turn around on the tall bar and somersault over the top of the smaller one. We also got to try the dismount practice bar where you can spin gracefully in the air (!) and land in a giant pit of sponge! And we got to CHALK our hands like a real gymnast!

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