Sunday, 17 November 2013

35. Artistic Gymnastics - Vault

Event: Artistic Gymnastics - Vault
Date: 15th November 2013
Location: Colchester School of Gymnastics
Cost: Free
Rules:  The vault is 1.25m from the floor. Each vault is awarded a value according to its difficulty. Judges assess height, length and shape of the vault and the exactness of turns before and after the somersault, and a controlled landing within a marked area.

The Event:
London 2012 Winner: Sandra Izbasa, Romania. 

Sarah: If you were a child growing up in Essex in the 80s, it's pretty much guaranteed you would have visited Magic City in Clacton. It was a wonderful padded playground/obstacle course where you could throw yourself around and bounce off the walls. For me, gymnastics was a lot like that. Everywhere was springy, which was pretty great. As we bounced our way across the room, the vault loomed up and just got bigger and bigger. It's massive! We had a bit of a demo from some of the others and I knew I just had to go for it or I'd get too scared. You have to sprint full-speed on the run up, to get the momentum to bounce off the springboard and over the vault. We didn't quite manage to get the whole way over in one go, but got closer each time we had a try. The crash mats were stacked on top of a trampoline, which gave an extra springy dismount. I loved this one, and can definitely see how you'd gain in confidence and experience to improve.  

Ellie: The vault is about the size of a dinner table. It's huge. We asked some regulars to give us a demo and they were able to spring over it, performing somersaults which was really impressive! Regardless of the fact that we had to stop on the vault, it was so much fun and as Sarah says, I think you could get better quite quickly. It must be really satisfying to bounce straight over and on to the padded trampoline!

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