Tuesday, 28 April 2015

74. Synchronised Swimming - Team

Event: Synchronised Swimming - Duet
Date: 12 April 2015
Location: Clacton Synchro Club, Clacton Leisure Centre
Cost: £4 per session (8 sessions)
Rules: Synchronised swimming is one of the three disciplines in which only women compete. The sport tests strength, flexibility, grace, artistry and long underwater endurance. Competitions consist of a technical routine and a free routine. The technical routine sees a team of eight swimmers perform specific moves with a time limit of 2:50. The free routine has no restrictions on the moves or music, and has a time limit of 4:00. The results of the two routines are combined to produce a final score.

The Event:

Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: Russia

Sarah: We'd had a few weeks break after our duo routine, so the dry walk-through was really useful to refresh our memory and adapt the routine for the team. We had a change of music too, so it ended up feeling like a completely different routine, which was great. It was really fun being back in the pool and working with so many others; being surrounded by more people meant it was a bit easier to get a quick glimpse of someone else's arm or leg to make sure I was in time.
Ellie: New music, new team mates, completely new experience. It was great to reinvent our routine with a new soundtrack and with some new moves. I definitely found this routine more satisfying - it was far more spectacular with more people and it felt more sparkly and skilled with swimmers who know what they were doing - it was very impressive how quickly they could pick the routine that had taken us 3 months to devise! 
Synchronised swimming has been a wonderful experience and I would encourage anyone of any age to find a taster course and have a go. The level of concentration, control and poise that is needed is astonishing.
Huge thanks to our team and all at Clacton Synchro Club!

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