Friday, 17 April 2015

73. 400m Hurdles

Event: 400m Hurdles
Date: 12th April 2015
Location: Colchester Harriers, Arena Sports and Leisure Centre, Colchester 
Cost: Free
Rules: Competitors sprint over 400m, whilst jumping over 10 hurdles evenly placed along the track. The fastest wins. Each athlete must stay in their allocated lane. They are allowed to knock the hurdles, but will be disqualified if they hit the hurdle with their hand.

The Event:

Sarah: 2:10.75
Ellie:   3:47.93 
London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal: 0:52.70 - Natalya Antyukh, Russia

Sarah: The last time we did hurdles I twisted my knee when landing and it's only recently felt normal again, so I was a bit apprehensive about returning to the event. We refreshed our hurdling memory with a few practices, before setting off. I found the 400m much more enjoyable than the 100m; with a bigger distance between the hurdles it gave me more time to sort my stride out and prepare myself for the jump over. My legs were definitely tiring around halfway and my hurdling turned into clambering.

Ellie: If you look back you will see that I claimed, after the 100m Hurdles, to be looking forward to the 400m's. Well, I'm a fool. 400m is the whole way round the track and that's a really long way for a rubbish runner. I enjoyed the 'jumping' over the hurdles bit but none of the rest of it. To get an idea of my discomfort I videoed my attempt and here it is... enjoy! 

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