Saturday, 1 December 2012

9. Shot Put

Event: Women's Shot Put
Date: 29th November 2012
Location: Southend Athletics Club, Garons Park, Southend.
Cost: Free
Rules: The women's Shot Put  weighs 4 kgs with a diametre of 95-110mms. The Shot Put circle is 2.135m in diametre with a wooden stop board 10cm high on the outside. Competitors may touch the inside of the circle or stop board during the attempt but can not touch the top of either nor can they leave the circle until the shot hits the ground. Competitors must enter and leave the circle from the back. The shot must touch the competitors neck or chin as the attempt begins. The Shot is put, not thrown, with one hand only and it must not drop below its starting position during the attempt. As in all throwing events, the twelve finalists have three attempts apiece. The longest single throw during the final wins.

The Event:


Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: 20.70m, Valerie Adams, New Zealand.
Ellie: 1. 3.30m, 2. 3.73m, 3. 4.31m (PB)
Sarah: 1. 3.11m, 3.36m (PB), 3. 3.24m

Sarah: Our last event of the night was the trickiest to master in terms of technique. It was really hard to resist the temptation to throw the shot rather than keeping it next to the chin/neck until the last moment and 'put' it.  
Ellie: The Shot Put completes our evening and not only have we completed 4 events in one go but we've met some wonderful people that have really embraced the spirit of our challenge. As for the Shot Put, it's deceptively heavy and large. If you ever try it out just remember - Clean Palm, Dirty fingers... and it'll all become clear. 

A huge thankyou to June and everyone at Southend Athletics Club for all their help and patience! They meet every Tues and Thurs evenings, and have some amazing facilities. 
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