Tuesday, 11 December 2012

10. Women's Team Table Tennis

Event: Women's Team Table Tennis
Date: 8th December 2012
Location: Brightlingsea Sports Centre
Cost: £16.80
Rules: Team matches consist of four singles matches and one doubles match, played over the best of five games. Each team consists of three players and matches end when a team has won three individual games. Singles and doubles matches are won by the first player to reach 11 points (with a margin of two clear points). In doubles matches, players take turns to hit the ball, with one hit each before alternating.

The Event:


London 2012 Winners: China.

The Match:
Singles Game One: Ellie (team odd) vs Laura (team even): Evens win 4-2
Doubles Game : Odds vs Evens: Evens win 4-3
Singles Game Two: Claire (team odd) vs Elaine (team even): Odds win 4-1
Singles Game Three: Sarah C (team odd) vs Sarah P (team even): Evens win 4-0
Winners: Team Evens (Elaine, Laura and Sarah P)


Sarah: What a morning! We thought that two hours would be plenty of time to fit in our team match, but we finished just in time. We were set up in a squash court and chose our teams.  As everyone got more comfortable with playing (and remembered to not return the ball if it hadn't bounced on their side of the table!), the play got much faster and more tactical. Table tennis has been the early hit of our challenge, and I'd definitely play again.     
Ellie: I had 4 hours sleep - last night was my staff Christmas party. This has been my most anger inducing challenge so far as I really felt I could have won at least one of my games... but Table Tennis is a harsh task master. It makes you believe you can win and then makes the table smaller than you think it is so that you lose points and your mind... slightly... Squash courts are rather echo-y if you ever think of swearing loudly in one!

All in all though it was another entertaining experience; another couple of hours in the company of interesting and funny people; another sport centre identified and visited and another sport at least tried, if not fully conquered! 

Thank you to Brightlingsea Sports Centre for only charging us for one hour!

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