Wednesday, 17 October 2012

5. Women's Doubles Badminton

Event: Women's Doubles Badminton
Date: 17th October 2012
Location: Colchester Leisure World
Cost: £10.00
Rules: Doubles matches are decided over the best of three games, with the first player to reach 21 points (by a margin of two clear points) winning each game. The whole court is in play. Players can only score from their own service. One player serves (alternating from left to right) until he/she loses a point and the serve passes to the opposition. When the serve is regained, the other player on the team becomes the server. When the score reaches 11 there is a 60 second break. Players change ends after each match or after the 60 second break in the third game.

 The Game:

London 2012 Winners: Tian Qing & Zhao Yunlei, China.

Score: Game One: C&S 21, E&S 15

            Game Two: C&S 21, E&S 16
Comments: Sarah: All things considered, the games were much closer than I had been expecting. Claire and Sarah are excellent badmintoners, and I think Ellie and I held our own pretty well. The games were really fast paced, with some deadly body-shots and smashes. Unfortunately, this marks the end of the badminton events for our challenge, but we're back on track with our 2.5 events per month.   
Ellie: No More Badminton for 4 years then. I'm slightly saddened by this as the games we've played recently have reminded me of my misspent youth. As Sarah says, the games last night were far more level than we'd expected - we look almost respectable.  

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