Saturday, 13 October 2012

3. Mixed Doubles Tennis

Event: Mixed Doubles Tennis
Date: 13th October 2012
Location: University of Essex, Colchester
Cost: £9.00
Rules: Points are scored as: 0, 15, 30, 40, 45. A score of 40-40 is called deuce. From there a team must score two further points consecutively to win the game. A match consists of six sets. Each set is decided by the first to six games and must be won by at least two clear games (e.g 6-3, 7-5). When at six games all, in all but the final set, players contest a tie-break which decides the winner of the set. Matches are the best of three sets. In mixed doubles, the third set shall be played as a match tie-break (10 points).
The Game:

London 2012 Winners: Victoria Azarenka & Max Mirnyi, Belarus.

Set One: Game 1: 45-15 (E&R), Game 2: 45-40 (E&R), Game 3: 45-15 (E&R), Game 4: 45-40 (E&R), Game 5: 45-0 (E&R), Game 6: 45-30 (E&R). Set 1 to Ellie & Rowen.
Set Two: Game 1: 45-40 (E&R), Game 2: 45-30 (E&R), Game 3: 45-30 (E&R), Game 4; 45-30 (E&R), Game 5: 45-15 (E&R), Game 6: 45-15 (E&R). Set 2 to Ellie & Rowen.
Comments: Sarah: As the observant of you will notice, Greg and I got supremely beaten in not only straight sets, but also straight games. It turns out that I'm truly awful at tennis! As we still have a singles and doubles match still to play, I'm hoping that I will get a bit better with practice. My personal highlight of the match was the Farrow's victory dance routine for their very deserved win.
Ellie: The victory dance is stolen from the Manchester United wonder winger Lee Sharpe. Rowen and I were ridiculously excited when we remembered it and practiced it in the kitchen this morning. As for the game; Tennis seems to make you feel like you are brilliant at it until you play it. Today, mostly due to the efforts of my teammate, I managed to bring home a win. The score does the Clementson/Kingcott team no justice at all as it was in no way as one-sided as it appears... 

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