Thursday, 16 June 2016

98. 10,000m

Event: 10,000m
Date: 12th May 2013 + 14th June 2016
Location: Colchester 10K Race + Along the banks of the river Thames  
Cost: £16 + Free
Rules:  Athletes race around the track 25 times, completing the course in the fastest time possible.

The Event:

Olympic Gold Medal, London 2012: 30:20.75 - Tirunesh Dibaba, Ethiopia.
Ellie: Sort of 2 hours
Sarah: 1:09:52

Sarah: It's strange writing about an event that happened three years ago! My memory is a little rusty, but I do remember how good it felt crossing that finish line! Greg and I signed up to the Colchester 10k and put the bupa training plan in to action. Despite all the preparation, we both felt a little daunted amongst the proper club runners. We decided to start from the back, take our time and run our own race. It soon paid off, and we started overtaking other back-runners. The course was nice and flat, and circled around the Garrison part of Colchester, and area I don't know to well. All in all, it was a surprisingly pleasant way to spend the morning! Having recently completed my 5k on the track, I can only imagine how psychologically difficult it would be to run this distance completely on the track.
Ellie: My 10k was a far more leisurely experience. I wanted to use the distance to see the more touristy areas of London on foot and to understand how the river joins them all up. I chose a really lovely evening which was an achievement in itself with the weather we've had recently. It felt like a really calm wander apart from the last 3k where I really needed a wee - made ironic by the fact that my route looks like a tap. I also saw my first ever London rat - he was brilliant! 

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