Monday, 16 May 2016

Bonus Event #6 - Netball

Event: Netball
Date: 5th May 2016
Location: Brightlingsea Sports Centre
Cost: £20 court
Rules: There are seven players in a full team, and they pass the ball down the court and shoot in to their goal. Everyone is assigned either attack or defence positions that define their role within the team and restrict their movement on the court. During play, the player with the ball can't take more than one step before passing it and must pass the ball or shoot at the goal within three seconds. Goals can only be scored by the Goal Attack or Goal Shooter. Matches last 60 minutes and are divided in to 15 minute quarters.


Bibs 5 v 6 Non-Bibs

Sarah: Our latest bonus event saw us take on one of my favourite sports! It proved difficult to recruit enough players for a full team, so we had a really fast and furious half-pitch game with smaller teams. My shooting had got pretty rusty, and I'd forgotten how tiring what a great workout it is, but the match definitely reignited my love for the sport. The game even converted the doubters we'd roped in; it was so much fun and everyone went away pumped up with plans to get a regular team organised!    

Ellie:  After an incredibly busy day at work in London I missed the bulk of this bonus event but it was very nice to arrive and see people really invested in their team. We had a shoot out to end the session and I was reminded that I was much better suited to the defensive positions!

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