Saturday, 9 April 2016

91. Sailing - Women's Elliott 6m

Event: Sailing - Women's Elliott 6m
Date: 7th April 2016
Location: Alton Water Sailing Club 
Cost: £25 each for 3 hour lesson 
Rules:  The Elliott 6m is a three- person boat and the competition runs in a match-race format, consisting of round-robin quarter-, semi-, petit- and final rounds. The top eight crews are seeded in to the quarter final. The target course time is 18 minutes.

The Event:

Olympic Gold Medal, London 2012: Tamara Echegoyan, Angela Pumariega & Sofia Tor - Spain. 

Sarah: We visited Alton Water last October for our first sailing lesson. It was all going swimmingly until I capsized the boat and gave us all a dip in the cold water. As a result, I felt quite nervous returning to the boat and desperately didn't want to tip us all in again. The water was freezing today, so the prospect of going in was even worse. It was much windier than when we last came out, but luckily our instructor Pat knew where to head for some sheltered water. He patiently explained how to spot gusts on the water and talked us through performing a tack (turn) and quickly had us sailing across the lake. There is a lot to remember in the boat, but it eventually started to sink in (hmmm, maybe best not to mention sinking!). During each tack I remained convinced I was going to send us overboard, but I did eventually find myself slightly less nervous than when we started.  
Ellie: Sailing is a very odd mix of serenity (when you're not in charge of the boat) and franticness (when you're responsible for keeping everyone dry) and after this lesson I felt that we were slowly moving towards serenity all round! It's really satisfying to be able to read when the wind is coming in and what that means for your boat and sails. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that I retained some information about what bits of the boats were called.... #Boom

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