Sunday, 27 December 2015

Bonus Event #4 - Squash

Event: Squash
Date: 13th November 2015
Location: Colchester Leisureworld
Cost: £6.20 per 45 minutes (Off-Peak)
Rules: Squash matches are held between two players and are the best of three games. Each game is a point scoring rally to 11. If the score is even at 10-10, a player must proceed to win by two clear points. Points can be scored by either player; when an opponent fails to serve or return the ball, the other player wins the point. The player that wins the point becomes (or remains) the server. The ball can only bounce a maximum of one time, and must be played within the lines. 


Game One:   E 11 v 7 S
Game Two:   E 7 v 11 S
Game Three: E 11 v 6 S
Winner: Ellie

Sarah: Squash has repeatedly just missed out on being voted in as an Olympic sport, which seems a little unfair on this fast-paced, exciting game. I've only played a handful of times but the rules are so simple, it's really quick to pick up and play a proper match. I was mainly focused on trying to keep track and return the ball, but tried to start playing tactically when I could. I can see how this fast becomes an addictive game. There's currently a campaign to get Squash on the 2020 list of sports; here's hoping it's successful.   

Ellie:  I love Squash; I should definitely play it more often. It's really satisfying to whack the ball off the back wall and rallies can be really exciting. Once we'd warmed up we really got some good games going and it really was a close fought match. I'm definitely hoping Squash makes it into the 2020 Olympics as it is a really good spectator sport too. Its quick pace and tendency to get super competitive/violent makes for excellent entertainment!

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