Wednesday, 6 May 2015

78. Rowing - Single Skulls

Event: Rowing - Single Skulls
Date: 25th April 2015
Location: Sudbury Rowing Club
Cost: £100 Learn to Row Taster
Rules: Women's rowing events were first included in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Races are held on rivers, canals or lakes over a distance on 2,000 metres. Races start under the supervision of an aligner and a starter, with umpires positioned along the course and at the finish line. The Single Skulls category sees one rower in each boat, rowing as fast as possible over the course. 

The Event:

London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal: 7:54.37 Miroslava Knapova, Czech Republic

Sarah: The float stabilisers definitely gave us a bit of a cheat on this one, but they meant that we didn't have to worry too much about toppling in, and could concentrate on our stroke and overall technique. Left to my own devises, I found it really hard to stick to the edge of the river and constantly had to correct my position on the water so other boats could glide past. It took a while for me to master coordinating the oars, and I got some bruised knuckles in the process, but I definitely felt I improved; through lots of riverside encouragement and trial, error and wobbles.

Ellie: Rowing in the single boats is a whole different kind of pressure; for starters we moved from using one oar to two and it is definitely not as easy as Bridget Jones makes it look! You need to be very precise with your movements and how you sit in the boat in order to simply move in a straight line - which is something I struggled with - let alone all the complicated arm movements, navigating, watching for other boats.... and getting in and out of the boat is difficult enough. AND a swan attacked me... well, it sort of flew over the top of me but it had that devilish look in it's eye, if you know what I mean. I think rowing is something I enjoy much more when in a boat with others especially whilst a novice; I felt much more at ease with others around. That being said, when the sun was out and I could take some calm strokes and gaze into the meadows, it felt very blissful... swan attacks aside. 


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