Wednesday, 12 November 2014

67. 200m Butterfly

Event: 200m Butterfly
Date: 7th November 2014
Location: London Aquatics Centre, Stratford
Cost: £4.50
Rules: Competitors swim four lengths of butterfly as fast as possible. Athletes dive in, and some part of the swimmer must touch the wall at the end of each length and at the finish. Most will touch the wall and push off with their feet.

The Event:


Olympic Gold Medal London 2012: 2:04.06 - Jiao Liuyang, China.
Sarah: 8:52.08 
Ellie: 8:43.45
Sarah: I wasn't looking forward to this one after struggling through the shorter distance a couple of weeks ago, but it turned out that the 200m is somehow easier than the 100m. I didn't feel the need to try and go flat-out, and there were even sections when it felt like I was doing something approaching Butterfly. It's such a complicated stroke, and I find I can only concentrate on either my arms, or legs, or breathing; thinking about the whole combination seems a bit beyond me for some reason. Only one more Fly event left now!
Ellie: Whatever I was doing, it probably couldn't be called Butterfly.

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