Wednesday, 30 July 2014

59. 200m Individual Medley

Event: 200m Individual Medley
Date: 21st July 2014
Location: Charlton Lido
Cost: £6.00 each
Rules:  The swimmer competes in equal distances of every swimming style. The event combines technique, speed and endurance. The swimmer completes 50m of: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Some part of the swimmer must touch the wall at the end of each length and at the finish.

The Event:

Sarah: 07:00.96
Ellie: 07:33.48
London 2012 Olympic Gold: 02:07.57 - Ye Shiwen, China.
Sarah: I can safely say that butterfly isn't my stroke. I never seem to get into the flow of it, and it felt like it took hours to reach the end of 50m. The final three lengths came as a pleasure, and despite my aversion to butterfly, the Medley is a really fun event. The combination of strokes really mix the swim up, and it's fun turning from one stroke into the next. This was the first of two Individual Medleys we'll be completing, and I definitely need to get some more butterfly practice in before the longer event!  

Ellie: I am seconding everything Sarah says. By the time I got to the end of the butterfly length I was really tired and just spent the backstroke length getting my breath back!
In theory, I really like the butterfly. It makes a nice change from the 'normal' strokes and I can feel where you should be propelling yourself out and through the water. It just hasn't clicked for me yet, hopefully it will given some time and more effort. As the weather remains nice, I will try and make the most of it and get more swimming practice in. I am also going to experiment with the idea that I am faster through the water when I don't use my legs. It's an odd theory but I do feel more powerful and streamlined when I'm not kicking... I wonder if anyone else feels like this? Answers on a postcard...(or in the comments box).

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