Friday, 30 May 2014

52. 200m Freestyle

Event: 200m Freestyle
Date: 30th May 2014
Location: London Aquatics Centre, Stratford.  
Cost: £4.50 each
Rules:  Competitors swim four lengths of crawl as fast as possible. Some part of the swimmer must touch the wall at the end of each length and at the finish. Most perform tumble turns, somersaulting in front of the wall and pushing off with their feet.

The Event:

London 2012 Olympic Gold: 1.53.61, Allison Schmitt, USA.  
Sarah: 5.43.79
Ellie: 6.00.44
Sarah: We returned to the Olympic pool for event 52. It's a shame we don't get the lane to ourselves (!) as it was pretty busy tonight. We chose the medium lane, and managed to find suitable gaps in the traffic, though we had to mainly touch-turn so not to kick other swimmers in the face. My first attempt at the event went wrong after a disastrous dive forced my goggles and nose clip off; the latter sinking to the bottom of the pool, until a kind lady dived down and retrieved it for me. The second dive went more to plan, and I'm pleased with my time, although my pace was definitely lagging on the third length.  

Ellie: The pool felt cooler tonight and certainly busier... Why can't I pay my £4.50 and have the pool to myself? I don't think that's too much to ask... seriously though, it's really encouraging that you can pay as little as that and swim in a modern Olympic pool. 

I'm still taking it easy after my 20k walk experience so I'm really pleased with my time - I also really like it when my time is a round number! It did feel quite slow though and I didn't feel particularly at ease with breathing. I also only managed one tumble turn as there were so many people in the lane with me. We now need to gear up to the very long distances and with at least one 50m pool on the route for our annual 'All the Lidos' swimming day we should be getting those started before the midway point.

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