Friday, 21 February 2014

42. Individual Sabre Fencing

Event: Women's Individual Sabre
Date: 17th February 2014
Location: Colchester and District Fencing Club, Gilberd School, Colchester
Cost: £25 for one month membership
Rules: Individual fencing bouts last for three periods of three minutes each, or until one fencer has scored 15 hits against their opponent. In the event of a tie athletes fence for one more minute with one randomly assigned 'priority'. The first to score a hit is the winner, but if no hits are scored the 'priority' athlete wins the bout. In Sabre, which is derived from a cavalry sword, fencers usually score hits with the edge of the weapon on a target area limited to anywhere above the waist.

The Event:


Ellie: 15
Sarah: 6
London 2012 Winner: Kim Ji- Yeon, South Korea.   
Sarah: The Sabre feels like a real swashbuckling sword compared to the Foil and Epee, and was originally the weapon of choice for cavalry men duelling on top of their horses. We both took a shine to this weapon, and after our introduction to the basic swiping moves, we couldn't wait for a match. We were warned that this weapon can really hurt, but we avoided any injuries and I thoroughly enjoyed our bout. It felt much faster and bouncier than the other two swords, and although it was a bit of a white-wash in regards to the scores (I'm blaming my shorter arms hmm), I'd love to give this one another go. 

Ellie: I LOVE SABRE! Yes, I was imagining myself on a horse, riding into battle! There was something about this weapon that inspired my imagination and I found myself trying to score points in a much more varied way. It was very interesting to be actively encouraged to aim for the head! Personally, I found the Sabre to be a very dynamic weapon, giving a wider opportunity for scoring and a larger range of shots. It seemed to be a bit more natural to me. Also, the guard on a Sabre looks great and I really felt like a fencer. 

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