Sunday, 22 September 2013

28. 10m Air Rifle

Event: 10m Air Rifle
Date: 19th September 2013
Location: Colchester Rifle Club 
Cost: 12p for score cards. 
Rules:  In the qualifying rounds, shooters fire 40 shots in a standing position, with a time limit of 75 minutes. The target is placed 10m away. The eight top shooters progress to the final where they shoot 10 shots on command, with a time limit of 75 seconds per shot. The shooter with the best combined score from the qualifying and final wins.

The Event: 



London 2012 Winner: Yi Siling, China.


Sarah: We made a welcome return to Colchester Rifle Club, this time with Matt as our coach, talking us through the air rifle. The gun was so much lighter than the other rifles we'd previously used, with hardly any kick-back, and we were both far more accurate in our shots. The guns take pellets, which are simple to reload, making the whole event seem much quicker and more flowing. I seemed to favour the right-side of the target, which apparently meant I was pulling at the trigger rather than gently squeezing it.    
Ellie: The moon was bright, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and we were off to try a new firearm. Everything seemed a lot calmer compared to our previous gun adventures. This is possibly because we are now old hands in the shooting game or because of how quiet it was at the club or because the pellets seemed a lot less ... dangerous? Either way I still felt a great deal less accurate when shooting and I think that this was because of the weight of the riffles or lack thereof. I felt that I was much more wobbly because I didn't have a huge, weighty riffle rooting me to the spot. It was a great experience though - the machine that positions the target was worth it in its self!


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