Friday, 3 May 2013

16. Long Jump

Event: Long Jump
Date: 25th April 2013
Location: Southend-on-Sea Athletic Club, Garons Park
Cost: No Charge
Rules:  Competitors sprint along a runway and jump as far as possible into a sandpit from a wooden take-off. The distance travelled, from the edge of the board to the closest mark in the sand, is then measured. A foul (no-jump) is committed in the athlete steps beyond the board. 

The Event: 

Olympic Gold, London 2012: 7.12, Brittney Reese, USA.
Sarah: 2.13, 1.98, PB: 2.14.
Ellie: PB: 1.58, NJ, 1.40.


Sarah: The technique of long jump was much easier to grasp; we just had to remember to keep our heads up when we jumped. Kevin advised us to count how many steps we took on a measured run up, so we wouldn't have to look down at the board and that worked really well. The two jump events felt quite addictive; I really wanted to keep jumping and try to get a longer distance. We were both put to shame watching Kevin fly through the air when he demonstrated how both the jumps are meant to be done! We had such a lovely evening at the club, and are so grateful for their patience and hospitality!         
Ellie: Wow! What a day. 5 events completed and the last is the highly enjoyable but slightly unnatural Long Jump. I couldn't really get the hang of this.. I didn't seem to get enough momentum up to take me very far and, as you can see from my No Jump, I got over-friendly with the board BUT it was really good fun and look at those photographs!

For more information about Southend-on-Sea Athletic Club, have a look at their website: 

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